Research facade test site

We have prepared a preliminary project of control and measuring system for Research facade test site (RFP). The purpose of research facade test site is testing the environmental impact on building elements. RFP comprises 16 test cells with controlled test conditions.

Project included power equipment, control equipment, sensory equipment, HVAC equipment (humidity and temperature in the test cell) and monitoring equipment. Control software regulates test conditions inside cells, monitors the status of sensory and HVAC equipment in test cells and serves as an interface between sensory equipment and monitoring equipment. 

Sensory equipment in each test cell comprises around forty sensors that monitor moisture and temperature in the cell, moisture, temperature and deformations in the construction material, heat flux, dew point and photovoltaics.

Monitoring software (SCADA) performs centralized control over the entire RFP and provides several services. The most used are changing and monitoring test conditions in the individual cell, recording and storing measurements to a client's central database, simple data analysis, providing access policies for the individual test cell and remote alerting in the case of critical system failures.