MicroEBS 50 at Belajevi Posted by emrocon

Project Revita Belaj - Sustainable recovery of Homestead Belajevi, which was co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - Leader approach, involved a revitalization, preservation, protection and promotion of the local rural environment in a respectful and nature-friendly way.

With the introduction of their own boutique herbal beers they combined the primary purpose of the project, i.e. the promotion and sale of indigenous local products, with global trends of craft brewing.

The cornerstone of their production is MicroEBS 50 brewing equipment, which simplifies brewing of various beer types in small quantities. Of course, Emrocon did not only sell the equipment, but also handed necessary brewing know-how and developed various herbal beer recepies in cooperation with Brewery and pub Flora. Experimental series of savory and sage beers turned out a success. Who knows, perhaps one day will karst beer join the famous karst drinks, karst gin and Teran wine.