Extended MicroEBS family Posted by emrocon

Current needs and trends in craft brewing require systems that can support various brewing recipes and ideas. At the same time their design has to be flexible enough to accomodate user's financial abilities.

The renewed family of MicroEBS brewing equipment is based on the well-known concept that supports all stages of beer production:

  • mashing and wort boiling,
  • fermentation and 
  • maturation.


New models include:

  • improved boiling vessel heating, which enables more uniform wort boiling and more precise temperature control,
  • improved boiling and fermentation vessel insulation, which enables energy-efficient brewing,
  • improved efficiency of hot water preparation and
  • sparging unit with mixer tap.

Another new addition are models with cylindroconical fermentation vessels that simplify yeast handling.

A significant advantage represents the new modular design that allows the user to select more affordable models that are not fully equipped at the beginning, but can upgraded later. That way, the user expands the system gradually, according to the needs and financial capabilities.