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Take a closer look of MicroEBS micro brewery system.

MicroEBS 50 at Belajevi Posted by emrocon

Project Revita Belaj - Sustainable recovery of Homestead Belajevi, which was co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - Leader approach, involved a revitalization, preservation, protection and promotion of the local rural environment in a respectful and nature-friendly way.

With the introduction of their own boutique herbal beers they combined the primary purpose of the project, i.e. the promotion and sale of indigenous local products, with global trends of craft brewing.

The cornerstone of their production is MicroEBS 50 brewing equipment, which simplifies brewing of various beer types in small quantities. Of course, Emrocon did not only sell the equipment, but also handed necessary brewing know-how and developed various herbal beer recepies in cooperation with Brewery and pub Flora. Experimental series of savory and sage beers turned out a success. Who knows, perhaps one day will karst beer join the famous karst drinks, karst gin and Teran wine.

Extended MicroEBS family Posted by emrocon

Current needs and trends in craft brewing require systems that can support various brewing recipes and ideas. At the same time their design has to be flexible enough to accomodate user's financial abilities.

The renewed family of MicroEBS brewing equipment is based on the well-known concept that supports all stages of beer production:

  • mashing and wort boiling,
  • fermentation and 
  • maturation.


New models include:

  • improved boiling vessel heating, which enables more uniform wort boiling and more precise temperature control,
  • improved boiling and fermentation vessel insulation, which enables energy-efficient brewing,
  • improved efficiency of hot water preparation and
  • sparging unit with mixer tap.

Another new addition are models with cylindroconical fermentation vessels that simplify yeast handling.

A significant advantage represents the new modular design that allows the user to select more affordable models that are not fully equipped at the beginning, but can upgraded later. That way, the user expands the system gradually, according to the needs and financial capabilities.


Craft Beer Posted by editor

Craft beer, craft brew, microbrew is the current world trend, witnessing the revitalization of the beer production and consumption. MicroEBS and EBS offer the possibility of quality, tasty and healthy domestic beer brewing both enthusiasts as well as pubs and restaurants. Using advanced computer technology provides optimization of beer brewing, fermentation and maturation. EBS enables cost-effective production of different types of beer known today as well as an opportunity to experiment and make a boutique beer brand according to your taste.

Micro-brewery MicroEBS is designed for enthusists and brew masters with minor quantitative needs. For more demanding customers who wish to develop their own beer brands for distribution, pubs or restaurants we have developed EBS brewing system. Our team also offers the possibility of upgrading the existing brewing systems according to your wishes and needs.

If you wish to withdraw from the monopolized and with average products permeated market and create your own beer with character and a story, take a look at our offer and contact us. We will be happy to advise and make ​​an offer that you will suit your needs.

Unitronics PLC simulator Posted by editor

Our development often involves the use of tools that contribute to faster and cheaper implementation of the desired solution. One of these tools is VirtualPLC simulator.

The product simplifies the development of control software and HMI visualization for PLC systems manufactured by Unitronics Ltd.. As part of the test group our team assists the developers in the detection of possible errors, thus enabling a better user experience for other users of VirtualPLC simulator.

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Welcome to our new web site.

The site was fully developed by our R&D team and follows the principles of simplicity and efficiency. We hope you will easily find the information that you are interested in or contact us if you need any further clarification.