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Water, wastewater and

electro-energetic systems.


Electrical engineering

Emrocon has its own engineering team that supports machine building industry, process industry as well as infrastructure projects. We can provide complete power, control, measurement and telemetry system solutions according to industry standards and trends. To ensure wide range of solutions we also provide in-house electrical cabinet manufacturing and final assembly on-site.

Electrical cabinet assembly and on-site installations

We provide complete approach in production of low-voltage power switchgear and controlgear (PSC) assemblies that includes consulting, planning, assembly and on-site installation. Our solutions comprise power, control and telemetry cabinets for water, wastewater and electricity distribution systems, power and control cabinets for machine builders and also power distribution cabinets in buildings. All of our production follows latest technical guidelines and standards. We also provide on-site upgrades to existing electrical cabinets and electrical installations.

Telemetry and central control systems (CCS)

Advanced central control systems configuration and integration knowledge provides us with important insights on how to transform seemingly irrelevant telemetry data into important information that we can use to upgrade and optimize infrastructure systems. We use our own ideas and development to create CCS supporting functionalities for data processing and process vizualisation that provide optimal end user experiance. We are a certified parther of an establised SCADA system provider but we also have functional knowledge in all of the modern CCS and SCADA systems.