integration and system upgrade

The diversity of our engineering team enables effective integration and upgrade of industrial equipment and systems on hardware, control and information level.The heterogeneity of our engineering teams enables effective integration and upgrading of industrial equipment and systems. Our solutions are based on well-known M2M software packages as well as on our own solutions.

Typical issues that we solve in this segment:

  • integration of sensory equipment into existing systems,
  • integration of I / O systems,
  • integration of different communication protocols and implementation of conversions between protocols,
  • integration of control systems into existing SCADA and MES systems,
  • digitization of mechanical and analog-controlled production machines with NC and PLC systems,
  • upgrade of control algorithms,
  • upgrade and adaptation of HMI and SCADA systems.

Turnkey solutions

Design and development of special purpose systems is one of the basic activities of our company from the very beginning. We provide process, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as the implementation of equipment or system.