MicroEBS is an all-in-one beer production system with capacity of 50 or 75 liters.

The system supports all stages of beer production:

  • mashing and wort boiling,
  • fermentation and
  • maturation.

system components

Boiling vessel / Lauter TUN / settling tank

A multi-purpose vessel of capacity of 50 or 75 liters is used for mashing, wort boiling, lautering and removal of the coarse break. It is heated by 4kW heaters that are mounted on the outer side of the vessel and have no direct contact with the wort. The wort is mixed with an agitator driven by an electric motor with a reduction gear mounted on the carrier. That enables an effective multi-rest infusion method of mashing. A perforated bin inserted in the vessel is used for mash separation and removed at the end of lautering stage. The removal of the coarse break is achieved by settling.

The agitator can be lifted from the vessel and rotated ninety degrees to the left, which makes them easier to clean. In order to ensure safety agitator can not be started in this position.  

fermentation vessels

Insulated fermentation tanks of capacity 2 x 50 or 2 x 75 liters are positioned on the top of the set-up. Temperature in fermentation tanks is regulated by computer controlled cooling system.

The system can be equipped with two types of fermentation vessel, classic open type or cylindroconical type. Both have a lid on the top and a fermentation bung.

The type of fermentation vessel included depends on the model type of the system.

lager tanks

Insulated lager tanks of capacity 100 liters or 150 liters are positioned at the bottom of the set-up. Computer controlled cooling system is used to regulate the temperature inside lager tanks. Tanks are also equipped with pressure manometer and connecting valve for carbon dioxide.

MicroEBS can be easily upgraded with 2 or 4 additional lager tanks of capacity 100 or 150 liters placed next to the machine.

The number of lager tanks included depends on the model type of the system.


Integrated pump allows pumping of the wort / beer among brewing vessel, fermentation tanks and lager tanks. Pump is mounted on the front side of the machine and directly controlled from the computer.

cooling system

Cooling system consists of a condensing unit with cooling capacity of 4kW, refrigerant container and connecting pipes and valves. Refrigerant is a mixture of water and monopropylene glycol, the non-toxic agent suitable for use in the food industry.

Hot water preparation

Hot water that is necessary for the process of mash sparging is prepared in an insulated 50 liters tank positioned at the bottom of the set-up. The tank is equipped with a 3kW electric heater.


MicroEBS provides computer controlled mashing / boiling, fermentation and maturation of beer which assures precise achievement of required temperature and time parameters. The intuitive user interface design allows easy system operation and short term user introduction.


Brewing is an energy consuming process. The processes of mashing, wort boiling and settling require heating up water from room temperature to almost boiling point and later cooling it to the temperature that is suitable for fermentation. Therefore, a large amount of energy is used and later dissipated during the cooling process. Energy saving design, advanced control system and simplification of processes ensure quick and energy efficient beer brewing.