Technical specifications

Brewing system

TipEBS 250EBS 500EBS 750EBS 1000
Quantity of beer per brew (net liters)2505007501000

Quantity of beer per year (net liters)

12000 - 3600030000 - 18000070000 - 240000100000 - 380000
Time for one brew (h)55-65-66-7
Space requirements (m2)20-3040-8060-10080-130


1. Quantity of beer per year is an estimate of production for a typical configuration.

2. Space requirements also include other components of the system and refer to a typical configuration. 

Fermentation tanks

Volume (liters)250, 500, 750, 1000250, 500, 750, 1000250, 500, 750, 1000
CIP systemnooptionallyyes
Operating pressure (bar)0optionally up to 1.5up to 1.5


1. Fermentation tank type:

  • FO is an open type of fermentation tank with a lid.
  • FZ is a closed type of fermentation tank, optionally constructed as a pressure vessel.
  • FCCV is a cylindroconical type of fermentation tank constructed as pressure vessel.

2. CIP system enables automatic cleaning of fermentation tank.

Lager tanks

TipZT 500ZT 1000ZT 1500ZT 2000
Volume (liters)500100015002000
CIP systemnonooptionallyoptionally
Operating pressure (bar)up to 1.5up to 1.5up to 1.5up to 1.5


1. CIP system enables automatic cleaning of lager tank.