Development & Engineering

Emrocon comprises a group of professionals with vast engineering experience and academic titles in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. We provide solutions in bridging the gap between producers' key technologies and information systems. 

We strive for simple, robust and highly efficient systems.

Popular projects

News & events

MicroEBS promo video

Here you can see our newest promotional video of MicroEBS micro brewery.

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MicroEBS 50 at Belajevi

Homestead Belajevi and their herbal garden are an example of revitalization of karst identity, landscape and heritage in a completely unique way, which also includes a range of craft beers produced with the help of MicroEBS 50 brewing equipment.

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Extended MicroEBS family

Current needs and trends in craft brewing require systems that can support various brewing recipes and ideas. At the same time their design has to be flexible enough to accomodate user's financial abilities.

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