Punch-down & pump-over fermenter

Punch-down fermenter produced by partner company Jaklič d.o.o. is designed to control the maceration process of red wine varieties. Its characteristic is a  cap-submerging system based on a pump and a pneumatic cylinder mounted on a special cover.


With the complete renovation of the control concept, which included:

  • project documentation,
  • renovation of the electrical cabinet,
  • replacement of the controller,
  • development of control software and
  • development of user interface.

we have updated and improved the fermenter's functionality.


The advantages gained by the renovation include:

  • a unified, simple and intuitive user interface that is independent of the fermenter model,
  • centralized temperature control that includes cooling and heating regulation,
  • centralized control of the pump, regardless of whether it is built-in or external,
  • simple integration of the machine into larger systems, since the machine only needs to be connected to a cooling unit or central cooling system and
  • standardized communication based on OPC or WEB standards, allowing simple integration into a central control system or the implementation of a central control system.

Product features:

  • manual or fully automatic mode,
  • control of timing parameters,
  • control of different operational modes,
  • control of cap-submerging  process,
  • control of air discharge process,
  • control of must pump process and
  • temperature control.