Horizontal fermenter

Horizontal fermenter manufactured by partner company Jaklič d.o.o.. is mainly used for the maceration of red grapes. Its characteristic is an inner agitator driven by an electric motor with a reduction gear placed on the back side.

With the complete renovation of the control concept, which included:

  • project documentation,
  • renovation of the electrical cabinet,
  • replacement of the controller,
  • installation of safety sensors,
  • development of control software and
  • development of user interface.

we have updated and improved the fermenter's functionality.


The advantages gained by the renovation include:

  • improved safety of the machine,
  • a unified, simple and intuitive user interface that is independent of the fermenter model,
  • centralized temperature control that includes cooling and heating regulation,
  • simple integration of the machine into larger systems, since the machine only needs to be connected to a cooling unit or central cooling system and
  • standardized communication based on OPC or WEB standards, allowing simple integration into a central control system or the implementation of a central control system.

Product features:

  • manual or fully automatic mode,
  • control of timing parameters,
  • speed control of the internal agitator,
  • temperature control.